Miami Bomb Squad Patch – If You See Them Running …

I saw this and thought it was pretty funny.

Weather Forecast for Mayan End of World Week

Weather forecast for Mayan End of World

I think the funniest part is that Saturday there is no forecast. :-)

Attribution:  WECT TV6

The Chuck Norris of Fig Trees

A friend of mine is renting my house in San Diego. He posted on facebook that he was able to get 40 figs off the tree today. Here is my response to questions about pests and the fig trees.

This line of fig trees have been in my family for generations. Every time we move to a new house we take a splice and plant a tree.

– James T Scoggins

July 4th in Australia this Year …


Happy 4th of July my friends and family in the USA. Today in Sydney Australia it was July 4th, and some Australians have heard that it’s the day we declared Independence from the Brits! Of which I remind the Aussie’s they have yet to do. :-)

But today, the Aussies celebrate the State of Origin, or Origin Day on 4th of July. This is basically a long running Rugby grudge between New South Wales and Queensland.

So I ask some folks in the office today, “Well, On State of Origin, do you get drunk and blow shit up?” I was told that Aussies pretty much get drunk watching Rugby anyway so nothing special, but it’s not a day to “Blow Shit Up” :-)

I’m off work now …. I wonder how much trouble I will get into in Sydney if I try to “Blow Shit Up… ”

– James T Scoggins

P.S. They don’t do fireworks in Australia on July 4th.  The pic above is from New Years some year I think.  I googled it on the interwebs but thought it would be OK considering I’m in Sydney and it’s the 4th of July… :-)