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Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney 2013

Sydney Opera House Vivid Sydney 2013

Vivid Sydney 2013: Festival of Lights. Flew from Melbourne to Sydney Australia today just before dinnertime. Turns out that Sydney is having a festival of lights and many parts of the city will have light and laser displays, projections onto buildings, musical performances, interactive displays and such from 24 May to 10 June. I walked […]

Nagasaki Japan, What is that Arch made of?

I was at a drinking establishment and had to do what one has to do after a beer or two. When I was in the restroom I came across these photos of Nagasaki Japan, and if the photos and dates of the photos are true, the question at the bottom is a very good one.

Big Rain in Bangkok

Rain Storm Coming

Summer time in Bangkok the temperatures are actually lower than many parts of the United States. In fact, April is usually the hottest month in Thailand. Typically in the Summer it’s rainy season. With rain comes overcast skies which keeps much of the direct sun heat away. Rainy season in Bangkok is not like my […]

Might as well have a beer …


There were floods in southern Thailand recently. Looks like a couple of fellows decided to go rafting in the streets with some beer. When I lived in Texas we used to go down to New Braunfels and go rafting/tubing on the Guadalupe river. Intertube for each person plus one for the beer cooler. Looks like […]