This site is mainly going to be used to put my travel photos up for viewing.  Before facebook, blogging, myspace and all that I used to mail my photos to friends via email.  This way I can just email the link to folks.  I will probably put other rantings and ravings up hear so bear with me as I get all this figured out… :-)

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  1. Gordos says:

    Gosh, I am kinda disappointed that you just bpysased Malaysia on your way from Singapore to Bangkok. Yet, I dare not recommend Kuala Lumpur to you. You’d be totally disappointed and leave with no photos to show. Most Malaysians either take pride in having zero fashion sense or are conceited in following trends blindly. Individuality is practically zilch. But if you’ve got the time, do come for the food! No sunny beaches now because of the perpetual rain :)

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